Services We Offer

Peaceful Dwellings will provide supported community living and personal care services to all client groups that our license permits in a clean, comfortable, secure, and accessible environment.


1. Supervising or assisting a resident with or teaching a resident about activities of daily living.

2. Providing, arranging, transporting, or accompanying a resident to leisure and recreational activities, employment and other activities identified in the resident's individual service plan.

3. Providing, arranging, transporting, or accompanying a resident to medical or other appointments as part of the resident's individual service plan.

4. Keeping a current record of all medical visits, reports, and recommendations for a resident.

5. Monitoring resident health by observing and documenting changes in each resident's health and referring a resident to health care providers when necessary.

6. Notifying the placing agency, if any, and guardian, if any, of any significant changes in a resident's medical condition, including any life-threatening, disabling, or serious illness, any illness lasting more than 3 days, an injury sustained by the resident, medical treatment needed by the resident or the resident's absence from the home for more than 24 hours. (c) Services that are provided shall be services determined by the resident, Peaceful Dwellings, service coordinator, if any, placing agency, if any, and guardian, if any, to be needed by the resident and within the capability of the licensee to provide.

(d) Peaceful Dwellings may arrange for or, if qualified, personally provide nursing care to residents. No more than 7 hours of nursing care per week may be provided to a resident.

(e) Peaceful Dwellings will ensure that each resident has an annual health examination by a physician.

7. Pet/Music/Art Therapy

8. Medication Administration

9. Individualized Service Plan for each client

10. Planned variety healthy hearty nutritious meals and snacks.

11. Weekly shopping

12. Community outings

13. Planned Activities Calendar

14. Assistance in communication with family, friends, and professionals

These services are provided to support successful community inclusion, to maximum independence, to promote individual choices, and to enhance the quality of life for adult clients of all ages.


(we provide clients with the optimum level of comfort through our amenities)

Modern Home Layout with Central Air

Digital Cable

Smart Flat Screen TV’S


Onsite Visiting Area

Onsite Exercise Room

24-hour home security Alarm system


Outside Designated Smoking Area


At least one awake staff will be on duty 24 hours per day 7 days a week when clients are present in the home. Additional staff will be added as dictated by client’s needs to accomplish individualized program goals. The staff of Peaceful Dwellings AFH is trained to develop caring relationships with clients that exhibit thoughtfulness, patience, and understanding. Our staff also respects each client’s opinions and preferences. Every effort is made to accommodate each client's needs and to work with difficult behaviors, as necessary.

By doing so we hope to enhance the self-worth of each client and develop relationships that last over time. We also encourage the development of a community among the clients. The needs and preferences of clients to maintain and develop ties to their personal communities and relationships are valued, supported, and facilitated. Clients are asked what community events they would like to participate in and are taken to those events. Clients are also encouraged to gain or regain independence by participating in their assisted daily living activities (ADL’s).

We understand the needs and preferences of individuals who are isolated from the community. Some may have lost significant relationships or community connections and require special attention.

In order to address our clients' needs physically, mentally, and spiritually they need to feel like they are part of a family as well as the community they live in.

Transportation to and from the religious activities of their choice is also available.

Program Services and Training:

At Peaceful Dwellings AFH we understand that some clients have had difficult backgrounds and or have underlying health issues that sometimes effects their ability to make rational decisions, which will produce high challenging behaviors and we have determined that through our NCI (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ) training we can keep both out clients and staff safe. All staff at Peaceful Dwellings AFH are trained and NCI certified. Strategies taught in the training provide staff with a framework for decision making and problem solving to prevent, de-escalate, and safely respond to disruptive or assaultive behavior. The benefit of this training includes. • Teaching staff members how to defuse potentially risky behavior before an incident escalates to a crisis situation

Reduce the risk of injury to staff and those served by decreasing the number of physical interventions

Improve communication among staff by establishing a common language

Increase staff confidence to intervene both verbally and physically

Alleviate the staff's stress and anxiety associated with confusion or uncertainty in crisis moments

Help staff feel safer at work

Minimize the risk of potential liability

Improve staff retention by providing the skills necessary to manage demanding situations

Help our homes comply with legislative mandates and

regulatory/accreditation guidelines

Create and maintain a safe, caring, and respectful environment for staff and those we serve

Help our Homes demonstrate its commitment and contribution to a safer community